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Debut EP misconceptions


misconceptions is a 5-track EP & 3 visual projects entirely self-produced by margomool. Utilising live recording and electronic production, margomool has worked with an eclectic range of musicians residing in South East London to shape the EP. Meditating on the feeling of loosing our grip, their sounds have been brought to life through stunning accompanying visual projects made with UK-based trans* artists.

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Image by Darling Baby Jay @darling.baby.jay

Day animation OUT NOW

Get immersed into the weird and wonderful dreamland created by animator Molly Pukes @mollypukes

Night music video OUT NOW

Dive into the darkness with margomool and Director George Nindi @georgenindi

“a powerful message of inclusiveness and acceptance we are left awestruck by the experience.”

– Blanc Magazine


- Line of Best Fit

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